2017 post be like, you have a bae or boo, You are really in love , you sometimes feel ashame, because of what people have said , about him/her

2017 post be like
you have a bae or boo
You are really in love
you sometimes feel ashame
because of what people have said
about him/her.?
They say…. He /she doesn’t deserve you,
They say he/she is everyone’s property
They say he/she is just an opportunist
But come to think of this. Do you know
Your lover is human? those wrongs are
What makes him/her human.
All you need to do is to embrace him/her
And say “it doesn’t matter if no one understands, I really do and I know, this is temporary”
What we all need is at least someone who can understand us. If you keep breaking up your relationships because of some wrong, I hope the next boo/bae will be Jesus Christ himself. Because he is the only perfect person.
YOU CAN’T GET A PERFECT OR ALREADY MADE PERSON. what you do is mould him/her to
Your taste. EVEN THE BIBLE DIDN’T SAY PERFECT PARTNER. It says suitable partner.
Be happy and contended with your own.
Stop judging and start building each other for a better future.

Society of strong people , World of strong men and women

Society of strong people
World of strong men and women.
Community of strong kids.
You no longer need one another
You no longer need your fellow brother’s help.
You can do it, on your own they say.
Be strong!! Be a man! Are you not a woman?
They say.
You don’t need no one to love you.
Self Love. Love yourself. Everything you have is your own. Be yourself.
our parents of old say..
“Two heads are better than one. Many” “hands makes the work fast and beautiful”.
“One broom stick cannot sweep a house”
But today, they say.
Be strong you can do it on your own.
You can be happy on your own
You can be loved and love your self alone.
Selfish world selfish generation.
Finding pleasure in boredom and die of loneliness.
You can satisfy yourself.
So much deceit.
But I say to you.
We can’t live alone and be happy
we can’t love ourselves alone, self love is selfishness.
Love is to be shared.
Love is to be spread
We need people, we can’t survive on our own.
Together we can be strong
Together we will survive and be happy.
.©Lahmi Prudent Tanko

Y’all hungry relationship people and marriage hunters come and sit down here let’s talk

Y’all hungry relationship people and marriage hunters come and sit down here let’s talk.
But let me tell you a true life stories first.

I have a friend who was a footballer, he got this contract immediately he finished his school. He was playing with a team in south Africa. He was rich. He had a girlfriend here in Nigeria, the girl would ask him for money and he freely gave it to her, there was a time she asked for eight hundred thousand, and few weeks later, she asked again for hundred thousand.
After some time, he developed some health issues and he had twisted knee, so he came back home, he stopped playing football. He was back to hustling.
Then one day, the lady took him out to Rayfield, she showed him a very large portioned of land, she asked him if he liked it then she told him, it was his land.
She bought it with all the money he has been giving him. After a while, they broke up, now she is married with kids and they are still cool friends.
Think about this.
Can you do it?
Relationship is not all about marriage.
Relationship is not all about love love and love.
If you meet someone today and that person remains the same, or even become worst, then you have failed. It’s better you just leave the person alone.
You see, people come into your life for a reason, that is why you need to watch the way you treat them.
God uses people to help people. People change people and people bless people.
There are people that would come in today, after a while, the friendship or relationship vanishes naturally without a trace of what actually went wrong. Their purpose and time in your life is fulfilled.
So before you get so eager to date someone. Think.
What can you substantially offer?
What impact can your presence make in that persons life?
It’s not always about breaking up….
What have done that no one can ever do?
What is so spectacular about you?
Can s/he find you in another person?
Breakup must not always end in tears of pains and regrets.
If you ever have to regret all the good things you’ve done in someone’s life then they were never genuine afterall.
When you become more concern about each others lives more than marriage. That time you learn to see relationship and love differently.
©Lahmi Prudent Tanko

MY UGLY MONALISA – Czay Dauda, I remember seeing you for the first time, Imperfect face, flawed shape, Far from what society termed beautiful, I…

I remember seeing you for the first time
Imperfect face, flawed shape
Far from what society termed beautiful
I remember being abit irritated when you said hi
I was having a bad day you see
I’m happy I replied tho
I fell in love with the way your mind worked
You were you, so sound, so calculated, so what the fuck ish
Your voice was music to me
With every phrase, you took my breath away
I was scared of touching you cos I was pretty sure I’ll be electrocuted(Lol)
It’s been few day’s and I can’t see the ugliness I saw the first time
My photographic memory won’t let me assume I saw something else
So we’re here,
You’re the most beautiful ugly woman I have ever seen
I’m intune with you
Enslaved to your unattractiveness
If beautiful is what you’re not
Then it is what I don’t want you to be
Lemme plant my seed in your moist/juicy soil
Please germinate pretty monster’s for US. ❤

I WAS IN LOVE ONCE – By Czay Dauda, I was in love once

I WAS IN LOVE ONCE – By Czay Dauda
I was in love once. It was the best feeling ever. She was beautiful, gracious, body to die for. She was teenage Meghan Good’s doppelganger( yea, she was perfection personified).
I had taken my Mum to the hospital for check up and was sited in the crowded waiting area skimming through Robert Greene’s ART OF SEDUCTION when I heard “Joe Dee!!!!”.
Oh my God, it’s gonna be a loooong day. Only guys from my high school knew that nickname, and only one insists on addressing me with it. “Marleey!!!” I yelled back as I turned to behold Marley(of all people) standing next to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever set my unfortunate eyes on.
He goes “Wos up man, it’s been forever”, I can’t exactly recall what my reply was cos all my essence was fully focused on her and how long it must have taken God to make this premium human. Her gold brown eyes stared back at me, as those lush lips flickered searching for something to say to make the air less awkward.
“What are you doing here?” He goes again, “Brought my mum for check up, what are you doing here” I replied. “My mum works here, she insists on home cooked meals so I brought lunch for her” I go “that’s great man.” Like I gave a f*ck (Lmao)
“Who is the angel beside you” I continued
“Oh, this is my girlfriend Mika, she’s into music too” almost interrupting him, she goes “So you’re CZAY huh? I almost feel like I know you, he won’t shut up about you. Nice to meet you, officially” breaking into a stupidly sweet giggle that totally astounded my sense of sound.
In my 10 second trance, time paused long enough for my heart to interrogate my eyes about what the fuck was actually going on. My brain saves the day and settles the quarrel by confirming this was indeed a true event not a dream.
Marley goes “Bro, let me get this to my mum. Lets hang out this weekend. I’ll call you”
I go “alright man. Bye Mika” As they walk away, Mika turns around and gives me that “it aint over” look.
15 Minutes later, in the car with my mum, my phone beeps. The message reads,

It is sad isn’t it?? That men end up cheating

It is sad isn’t it?? That men end up cheating. Love us perfectly, with utter submission and painstaking dedication, we still find a way to fuck it all up.
Funny thing tho, Men mostly cheat for curiosity and sex. The “oh my god, she looks so HOT, I gotta find out how that coochie feels” typa shit.
Women on the other side of the coin, cheat for love. They cheat to replace you. It’s not about some sickening canal fantasy, it’s about giving “it” to the one “ready & willing” to do what you wouldn’t and believe me they eventually find that Murfxcker.
What’s next?? You suddenly realize how you swapped your sugarcane for bamboo. It’s sad.
Lotta people are together and not in love while those who take eachothers breaths away can’t even tell each other.
It’s sad, to me atleast, but what do I know about love sef?? Nothing apparently. Am just here #CatchingFeelings SMH

8 years ago and now

8 years ago and now.
At some point in my life, this was a very big event for me.
I keep hearing people say, “Mc Holly just came from no where” but truth is, I was there but you never saw me then because I wasn’t appealing to you.
I could go a step further because I didn’t neglect the process.
I am feeding from it today because I use to feed it yesterday.
I earn from it today because I had to learn the process yesterday.
Before I got to perform on platforms like, Bovi man on Fire, Akpororo vs Akpororo, Rhythm of Laughter by Osama, Comedy goes to church by Accapella etc with an outstanding ovation, is a result of the grace of God and me being faithful in my process.
Roy Ekpo Comedian Sirjames Essien, Sixtus Tom Comedian Teddy Whyte Bobby black. God bless you all for making impact and not giving up. Many people are looking up to you today because you never looked down on your small beginning yesterday.
Rest in peace Sir dear Kelly.

I’d love to say that our marriage has always been perfect

I’d love to say that our marriage has always been perfect…but that’s simply not true. We’re normal married couple; we have our disagreement and arguments. There are moments after a long day that we take our exhaustion out on one another…we aren’t perfect. We have been through the hardest points in our lives together…and I mean the HARDEST. With that said, we’re happy and we have worked at being happy.
Build your relationships and marriage on a foundation of love and reverence for God. The prosperity and grace to sustain a happy marriage comes from Him. #ItsNotByPowerOrMight #HappyAnniversaryToUs #MatchForever #ForeverToGo

I met a Nigerian Soldier some months ago and said to him, “Thank you for your service”

I met a Nigerian Soldier some months ago and said to him, “Thank you for your service”. He was visibly shocked, smiled and said I was the first civilian in his 15 years in the army to say those words to him. He lost his family in Plateau while away. I can’t imagine the sacrifice.
Yeah, was afraid of his reaction at first, but then I just told him. Ended up hearing his war stories. #AThankYouForYourServiceSir can change their narrative and behaviour by being appreciative of their service. #RIPToAllFallenHeroes

Are you a Nigerian living in Abj and is tired of the country? , Here is an idea : pack your luggage, be on the roof of your house, close your eyes…

Are you a Nigerian living in Abj and is tired of the country?
Here is an idea : pack your luggage, be on the roof of your house, close your eyes and say this prayerful; “oga Wind, please come and carry me dey go.” Don’t forget to add your preferred destination; very important!
If them deny you VISA to any country my friend don’t dull, go by wind olodo. As for me I am out of Nigeria for life… ??