Nobody is indispensable

Nobody is indispensable. That’s what 2019 is already teaching me. I did not have to trouble that much. Walahi. Better things are on the way. Much better than the former. In every are of your life. Did you lose money? another one will come. Did you lose a love interest? A better, kinder promise of it will show. Did you lose a friend? Another one will find you. Did you fuck up in your first degree? You can always start over and do better. Nothing, nobody is irreplaceable. Don’t fret, don’t pull down yourself. You will bounce back. There is no loss that you can’t recover. I have seen it play out in my life over and over last year.
God gave me opportunities to redo my life again and be fulfilled, I am not taking any chances at all.
You will be fine. God is not a God of “opportunity come but once”
With your effort and his grace, opportunities will always come.


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