Just as the year ends, I will remind everybody that I am not only book smart, beautiful filled with raw compassion and fully human

Just as the year ends, I will remind everybody that I am not only book smart, beautiful filled with raw compassion and fully human. I am also in a very water tight relationship with Jesus. My rapport with Jesus Christ is water tight because, I can stray and find my way back to him. Its a friendship, something I treasure. I don’t trouble over many church traditions, but when I need comfort, I stand up, lock my door and pray in tongues non stop. I go to Sunday church at night, to pray in the holy ghost and dance out my worries.
I am a water baptised, holy ghost baptised, prophesy gifted, word of wisdom gifted Christian. I am aware that I am human. I talk about sex, food, love, every vain thing and the next minute I am in church praying and talking to Jesus in a strange language.
I give the best advice when I pray about stuff, I stay away from harm when God warns me about it. I get comforted when I kabash for hours and come out bright eyed. I have been through a lot but the holy spirit divine held me close each time I called on him to stay close.
What is more amazing is the fact that many times I tried to step away, but God drew me back. I am still woke, but I am woke in Jesus. I know how he saved me repeatedly. He is the original woke Baba. I am just learning work from him, just a loyal apprentice. I am Christian, redeemed in the blood of Jesus, given a new life. I am still alive because he kept me. He is the reason why I love others, because he loves me, he is the reason why I lock my doors to pray for few friends both known and unknown. He is the reason why everyone who has been good to me will be favoured because I bring them often before him. I spend time with him daily. He is the reason I am this strong. I get hit every time but I am still here. Jesus is my wokeness. I got this smartarse from him. He knew me even before I was born and named me exactly a year before that. Jesus is the reason why I am not so regular. One minute I get a rope to hang, the next he says in very clear terms, “I have not finished with you”
I tell you guys to stay woke, stay woke in Jesus o! Be human, but be Christlike. In case you are new, as we go to the next phase, be aware that I am Jesus baby. I am his apprentice. He let’s me fall sometimes but he is my guy, I know he got my back, every hour. You can’t mess with me and remain same. I will lock my doors and kabash for two hours and you won’t remain the same. I have all my friendships in Jesus. He is my gee. Everybody will fail but he will not. I hope you know this next year. I want you to make him your friend too. Forget church doctrines and conventions, they mean nothing. Come and follow Jesus. Stay spiritual and aware. Nobody is holy, we are all on the journey of becoming like Christ.
This 2019, stay woke in Christ
Happy new year!

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