I want to say that it is a bad habit to expose screenshots of chats you had with people

I want to say that it is a bad habit to expose screenshots of chats you had with people. IT IS A BAD HABIT.
Build social media confidence too. I have only done it once myself and in that circumstance, it was a whole different issue. I know that sexual harrassement is rife and there are both male and female irresponsible people who use Facebook to show their lack of decorum. But posting the chat is NOT the best thing to do. When a person becomes a thorn in the flesh, block them and move. That is exactly why the block button is there. To silence idiots.
Now that you have posted the shots, did the earth cease rotating round the sun?
Or did I suddenly not find Agbalumo in the market?
Idiotic people should be BLOCKED
Propositioning someone is not a crime. Some people just don’t know how to do it. I tell men who I like that I like them, one strand of my hair has not fallen off because of that. But unlike our Roddy brother, I do it with lots of decorum and understanding. In this situations, I often get good results, mainly because of my approach.
Block people who make you uncomfortable with their postings, messages, pictures. Its less expensive and less petty. That is the exact situation where “moving on” is advised. Block them and slide on. Social media is a free market. You can refuse stupidity easier. They don’t know you, you are tucked away safe in your house. Just click and its all gone. It speaks more badly of you than the other person if you keep sharing screenshots of private chats to incriminate, shame or expose other people when it is not a case of fraud. People will begin to keep away from you and cannot hold you in confidence when they really need your help. Stop it. When a person makes you uncomfortable and they don’t put food on your table;
Stay on top of your game here. But don’t discredit yourself in the name of shaming. Don’t demarket yourself.

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