I wan talk something that has almost ruined many girls’ lives that should go in 2019, Guys, you people should not lie about loving a girl when you…

I wan talk something that has almost ruined many girls’ lives that should go in 2019
Guys, you people should not lie about loving a girl when you just want her to off payint. Stop it. Be open about your wants. You know you don’t love this person, but you spend days, months, years lying to her so she can trust you enough and you run immediately you see her most vulnerable state. Learn how to be honest about what you want, we are in 2019. Many girls are also sex starved and looking for sexual satisfaction. You will find them and enjoy yourself. Do you derive pleasure from misleading girls and taking advantage of them?
I have men here and outside here who have told me upfront that they want my body. I did not guilt them, I never blamed them, rather I respect them a lot. I am not just in the mood, I am healing from a blow and I don’t enjoy sex with someone I don’t connect with emotionally. If not, I would have given it a try just for the fun of it.
Stop complicating issues, girls are more woke than you think, stop playing with people’s emotions. Stop it in this 2018. Be open about your wants. You never know who is listening or who might be interested. Stop using people. You don’t have to lie to get a free pussy. Its everywhere now. You don’t have to lie about it. Does it give some puffs to your sleeves that you “conquered” a lady?
Stop that nonsense this year. That’s why women feel used and defeated. When they say they were used this is what they mean, that you, the man weren’t open about the fact that you just wanted to sleep with them, you make them unhinge their emotions to connect and make themselves vulnerable. You in return step away after you have completed your trick. Stop it!
That’s why I may never believe if a man says he loves me. Oga you just want me to off payint. Say it, you will not die. A man who want to marry you will not tell you stories, he will come and marry you. No story.
Sisters stay woke, that man is just making your head spin now because he has not seen you naked. All na scope abeg. If he wants to marry you, he will even if he has just ten kobo in his account. He will not need to see you naked first in about 90% of the instances.
Stay woke next year. Unless if you know you make a contract to have children or you are having sex to find pleasure for your own self, don’t off your payint o! I have told you people. When you want to have sex, numb your expectations a bit, pursue primal pleasure. Stay content and less pushy or expectant. Live, love, lust. Be vain too. If he is using your body, use his own too. 2019 should be better o!

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