I remember very well in my senior secondary school days, I loved studying government

I remember very well in my senior secondary school days, I loved studying government. It was an attachment so big that I never got a B through out my nine terms in school. The concepts, intricacies and how real the stories were pulled me into it. There is no government principle that I can’t explain without blinking. None at all. Call it anything. No basic principle I don’t know about.
I enjoyed the classes. By estimates, my classmates really thought I was going to study politics. Looking at my GCE results again today, I am filled with pure happiness in the memories made.
Today, the Nigerian polity is not exciting anymore. Its same ol’ story, same people, same thing. Political analysis is an exciting vocation. But the Naija version will cripple your jump. What is it that shows that we will have an election next month? I would say its the same thing. People are sleeping, some are put in sensitive positions that will determine the outcome of the elections and everyone is keeping quiet. Party politics is so bland here. Everybody doing the same thing.
It will make you sad when you know that your voice will not make much difference. The same people in power fifty years ago are still in power now. They will be in power come next month. Let me keep up with talking all the small things I know and leave politics biko.
They told me on radio that my card is ready in my LGA, yet when I went there, they said its not there yet. How will I vote? I will just sleep in my house that day. I have been there not less than five times.
I don’t tire, let me go and find hot suya.

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