Happy Sunday, my people

Happy Sunday, my people.
I created this account in 2012. Its been about six or seven years here. One thing I have done here is to own all my shit as much as I show glamour, the glamour in my intellect.
This is the only place where I can scatter and rebuild in.
I have shown you the good, the bad, the sufferhead, the stupid, the absolutely beautiful, the petty, the smart butt.
When people seek my opinion on issues or I am expected to air my view on something that is not professional or just in need of common sense, here is what I do;
Scan my own experiences on the issue, and give advise based on my own story. If I survived that experience, I will tell you what I did to survive, if I did not, I will tell you to avoid my path and find a new one.
If I have not experienced it at all, I will advise based on social patterns. What I have seen in my place or environment on the issue and lay the options before you to choose what you based on each consequence.
I cannot prescribe a solution to issues I have not either observed or been part of. 95% of my opinions on this space are either influenced by my own experiences, my background and what I believe is right. Much of it may sound stupid or out of place, but I can stand by it. There are stuff I can overlook, change, forgive that a lot of social media world people will spit at. Everybody on social media is self sufficient.
My opinions belong to me, I can state it here or outside here, its what is on my mind here or outside here. They are stupid, I know, they are silly, I know. In case you are new. I take my opinions personal. I give it because it worked for me. Whether you accept or not cannot change the fact that it is mine. For every nod, there is a refusal somewhere, so why the fuss?
Finally, before I disappear again, patronise me biko.
I can write for your blogs, do online jobs and make ads for your brand. If you can, holla at me on WhatsApp. 08027745745

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