Diabetes and you, I think I am in a good position to write about this

Diabetes and you
I think I am in a good position to write about this. The horrors of diabetes has affected me very much directly. Diabetes changed my life in a blink of an eye. My mum lost a limb and you all who had been here as at 2016 bore witness to how my life changed from then.
Diabetes occurs when the body can’t make enough insulin or can make none at all. I think my mum’s own started months or years before the foot got bad. She was not managing it, so when her foot got injured, it moved from bad to worse very quickly, with each day that went by, it drew nearer to the amputation that finally came.
Like many people, my mum did not pay heed to checking her sugar levels.
Just as you check your HIV, Hepatitis, blood pressure, etc status, its the same way you should check your sugar levels. Make it a hobby. Buy the glucometer for your family and buy the strips. Check as often as you can. I request for it each time I go to hospital and they are checking my vital signs. They check even if I have to pay.
My family, my life, my hopes got dashed big time because of this single negligence. I think I will only be able to document the extent of change we experienced in my life and as a family in a book when the time comes. .
Check your sugar levels. Check it!
You could be diabetic and not know until your organs start reacting and a cut becomes a very dangerous thing to have. It is worse if you don’t know at all so that you can treat wounds as urgently as they should be treated. Many times amputations happen because the wounded sufferers are diabetic and so have a harder time healing. I am a poster child for how a simple amputation surgery can change a family.
If you have a blood pressure checker, add a glucometer. 10,000 naira or a whole less can preserve your life and that of your family. Please, abeg. Get it. It will help you! Especially if you eat a lot of calories. Biko.

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