Something is troubling my spirit

Something is troubling my spirit.
There is a young lady I like very much. She is married. Her loving husband set up a shop for her by the roadside. Because she is very social, she is able to greet everyone on the road. She will wave or shout greetings to people on the road while going around her business. She often has no company.
I went near her shop to buy kerosene and groceries, she was busy in her shop selling and greeting passersby like she used to.
The woman I was buying from said something
“She will not respect herself like a marred woman, greeting people up and down”
I want to ask you people, Umu Nwa no na Facebook, home and abroad;
How does marriage also change how you greet people?
This marriage thing ehn? I don tire to dey observe bullshit in the name of marriage rules. Is it that the woman becomes a new person, imprisoned for life? So much that dutifully throwing a greeting out on the road becomes bad for a Married woman? I want to know. Unu gwam biko, tell me.
That senseless woman may gossip about it and cause problems for her in her young marriage. I don’t like nonsense. Odiegwu o! This marriage stuff, is it a ticket to heaven for women? What I know about it is that two friends come together and agree to stay friends forever. Its like there are other demands and complicated meanings around it. Chai!


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