#freethetatas, 2016 remains my most memorable year in every ramification

2016 remains my most memorable year in every ramification. My life changed for the worse that year in so many ways.
Apart from my mum’s pitiable experience, it was the first time i ever met a breast cancer patient. She had been a cleaner at the hospital. But when her condition was detected and the option of cutting off her breasts presented, she started visiting a pharmacy where a lot of substances were injected into her breasts. She had better chances of getting her surgery funded by the hospital, but she declined. Maybe because of social conditioning.
The pain increased and became unbearable so her sons brought her to the hospital. From all indications, they did not have much. They tried all they could, gave blood, gave the little they had but she continued to suffer.
A few days later i returned to the hospital to find out that she had died when i was away at school. I broke down and cried. I tried to remember what she was like and imagine what it would be like for her sons. Today is the no bra day. Take off thos bras, check yourself or go to the hospital and get a test done for the sake of accuracy.
Know where you stand. Cancer does not know your status in society, it will come and take away your memories of loved ones when it kills them. When last did your wife test for breast cancer? Or your sister? Or your mum?
That is the same thing with cervical cancer, when last did the women in your life get a pap smear?
Do you even know what that is?
Do not just remove that bra for today, get in front of the mirror and examine yourself or go straight to hospital and get screened.
Cancer is not merciful, get screened, the earlier the better. Breast cancer and cervical cancer both affect women and there is one way to prevent both:
Get tested on time! Check your breasts, free your breasts. Today, we are talking about breast cancer. You can take pictures, you can flaunt it but first, get checked. That is the main aim. If you find anything at all, report to the hospital quickly and obey your doctors.
That is the route to longer life. Men too can be affected, although this is rare, it is possible. So dear men, free your small tatas too. Check am too.
Stay safe, always

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