Ycee said he is not Kevin Hart

Ycee said he is not Kevin Hart.
Meaning he’s not a fan of drawings or he doesn’t have the support to give like Kevin Hart.
Now, Nigerians will insult him, until his ancestors weep on his behalf.
Many will say, he should have replied him privately.
Because the reply is not as they expected.
Because even those people that never liked the guy post won’t have what to post and form motivational speakers.
Nigerians don’t recognize blunt truth.
But what if Ycee inbox him, and then supports him in private because he is not Kevin Hart?
You see,
We may all be doing the same work but the GRACE is not the same.
One person dances and receive money, the other got beaten.
Last time, it was one guy asking one Nigerian actor for assistance ,and the celebrity Screenshot and posted it with his mean reply.
Y’all should understand that the fact they are celebrities doesn’t necessarily mean they give any care about you, many of them in fact don’t have the financial stability as you think.
But instead of telling you or helping you in another way helpful, they rather ridicule you.
But then, keep striving.
Some day somehow, your breakthrough will come
I am just trying to find any rational reason behind this degrading reply.

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