Welcome to earth child, , Now you are grown, you don’t need this, Side of your heart

Welcome to earth child,
Now you are grown, you don’t need this
Side of your heart.
Here we are all one, do as you see us do and be like everyone else in the family.
Welcome to society child,
Let’s help you do away with this side of your heart, you won’t be needing it.
Here, there no sanity ,and morality is history here.
Do as you see us do and even more.
Here, we fight you for daring to be different and ignore you when you are same as us.
Here you don’t have a single reason to be happy always, but we will be angry with you when you frown.
We will frustrate you to death,
Mock your process with depth,
And fill your feelings with debt, and when you die, we’ll join your family to cry.
“we loved you, we’ll miss you “
Give us your sanity
Give us your joy
Give us your gifts
Give us your talents.
Now you can walk on this earth naked of your belongings
You can run and sleep around with mediocrity and norms.
Here, we believe you are just as common as anyone else.

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