The elections have come and gone and left many bridges broken

The elections have come and gone and left many bridges broken. I am happy seeing people mending them. If they have thought a while, they wouldn’t have broke them earlier. Politicians will fight each other but sometimes you find them in the same camp after all the fights. The 2015 and 2019 elections is a good pointer.
This doesn’t mean that all the bridges would be mend because there are those that do not merit your company. In politics as in all life endeavors, we agree and disagree but how we did it matters a lot. I have unfriend and blocked many not because of political differences but because of their attitude. There is always a minimum expected behaviour sadly some can’t fathom this. They called you names, disagree with you all the time, hurl abuses and post unprintable things. For those class of people, I don’t give a damn.
In the just concluded elections, there are so many things about the opposition that I found very childish and obscure to post. Politics shouldn’t deprive you of your sense of reasoning as people always say ‘there is life after elections.’ As we continue our post election interaction, those who still seem to have no regrets and regards to people will not find themselves on this page.
Life is all about positivity and no one should come and make you a trash can where he can conveniently dump his aggression to dampen your positive mood all the time in the name of social media interaction.


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