Breath the truth in these words
Don’t u choke on a lie
I know reality hurts
Then why you r still alive ?
You r surrounded by disgust
ur demons and angels connive
Against your own state of mind
Jading ur emotions
Making u cry all night
Limiting your expressions
Making them feel not right
You’re a rainbow in a world that’s colour blind
So u locked ur emotions in spaces no one could dare to find
Craving a person who’d look past your flaws
Look them in the eye and say I love u even more
U are everything that’s perfect don’t u feel other wise
Ur words r like stars in a darkest of skies
A princess who rescued herself from the castle
didn’t wait on a price
She wasnt Rapunzel
Shes lahmi an African goddess of serenity
In your words I found pure clarity
You are beautiful don’t you feel other wise
Your souls made of gold d glitter is only seen in ur eyes
I’ll fix u if only you’d allow me
For u truly are special to me lahmi
*overly dedicated*
By Tijay Usman


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