Ignore the fake results PDP confusionists are peddling

Ignore the fake results PDP confusionists are peddling. This is how the race is standing:
North-West: APC is taking all the 7 states with big margin.
North-East: APC is winning 5 of 6 states with good margin.
North-Central: APC wins in Niger, Kwara, Nassarawa. Lost in Benue and Plateau even though it did well in those two states. Kogi is also APC. PDP takes FCT. Overall, APC takes the north-central 4:3
South-West: APC wins Lagos, Ekiti, Osun and Ogun. PDP picked Ondo and Oyo.
South-East: PDP wins all the 5 states with big margin. Good showing in Ebonyi for the APC.
South-South: Edo is split. PDP will win the remaining 5 states even as there is good showing for APC in Akwa-Ibom and Delta.
Therefore, the APC is going to retain the 4 geopolitical zones it won in 2015. It is practically impossible for the PDP to win the election by winning only Southeast and South-south.
In terms of number of states, APC is on course to winning 20 – 22 state majorities. In terms of the constitutional 25%, APC will get required 25% in 28-30 states. In terms of total votes, APC will score between 55 – 60% of the total vote cast.
There’s no cause for alarm. No one is going to change the victory you recorded at the polling booth on Saturday. Let’s patiently wait on Inec.
Ahmed Musa Husaini

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bulama.adamu

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