I just knew I had this

I just knew I had this…
Calling all my intelligent fb friends. Try to answer this I challenge you. PM me your answer. If you are not going to follow the instructions after you lose, do not answer. I honestly thought I had nailed this but I failed! I’m posting this pic because this is the photo Alicia Clark Smith picked (Thanks ?).
Your turn! Read the riddle. If your answer is incorrect, I can choose any of your photos and you have to post it along with the riddle. If you answer correctly, I’ll write your name in the comments (with a trophy emoji.)
Riddle: It’s 7:00 AM. You are asleep and there is a sudden knock on the door. Behind the door are your parents who came to have breakfast. In your fridge are bread, milk (pasteurized), juice, and a jar of jam. To answer this riddle, what will you open first? Answer directly through PM only…
And remember I PICK your pic if you’re wrong: WARNING

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