Farooq Kperogi, please take a break

Farooq Kperogi, please take a break.
You claimed that the DSS killed Sambo Dasuki on President Buhari’s instructions, which turned out to be false. You had to take down the post.
Soon after, you disowned Nigeria and wished her people endless suffering for re-electing Buhari, only to change your mind and start writing about us again.
You then claimed a source told you Buhari’s government offered huge bribes to INEC officials – without any proof, just like the other source who told you Buhari had ‘dementia’.
And then you posted a four year-old video as proof of election rigging in Zamfara last Saturday.
Haba Prof, you are an academic teaching aspiring journalists, and you have family and friends.
Wallahi, if I hadn’t interacted with you before, I’d think you were taking hard drugs. Since that is unlikely, my best guess is a nervous breakdown (depression or anxiety).
Please seek help for the sake of your loved ones, if not for yourself.
Dr. Nura Alkali

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bulama.adamu

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