The Count Down Begins Now

The Count Down Begins Now… A new nation is born:
The world is about to see the emergence of the Finest Breed of Nigerians – a smart breed whose minds are void of deception but full of inspiration… A godly breed who are full of love but not religious… A Prosperous generation of Nigerians who will distribute wealth to the rest of Africa through productive partnerships across the continent and not illegally invade the rest of Africa through illegal immigration… A righteous breed who will not bow to mammon… I see innovative technologists, international business people, global entertainers, executive career people and selfless Pan-African political leaders rising again from Nigeria ??.
I have so much faith in the soon coming Nigeria hence I’ve dedicated my life to the reformation and transformation of our national life – especially in the area of our national culture and Religiosity.
My hope is that in my lifetime, the Green passport will be as respected as the American passport because of the greatness that will emanate from our nation.
A nation is great – not because of its political leaders but because it’s people decided and determined to be GREAT.
Here’s a challenge to every Nigerian on my page – create/develop an innovative product/idea this year. I will personally be involved in the promotion of such innovative ideas. Let’s tell the world that the few bad eggs among us doesn’t represent us…. An Igbo man from Anambra state invented the INTERNET… His name is Mr. Philip Emeagwali.. Even Facebook is driven by the innovation of a smart Nigerian in silicon Valley… That’s the Nigerian spirit.
Push politics aside… Cast away tribalism.. Lay down your Religiosity…. Forsake your status… Let’s unite our hearts and determine to make Nigeria great again. This determination should not be political but personal.
Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, behold the emergence of a great Nigeria – the count down begins now.
Charles Awuzie


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