Have you ever considered the corruption in civil service?
Did you know that politicians are corrupt to the extent that civil servants are willing to aide them to large extent?
Did you know that politicians can only pad budget with the help of civil servants?
What is the function of both state and federal civil servants, why is that no one seems to turn the search light on them?
Who are the people in our civil service?
Here’s is my friend take from India Urmila Ch
Why do only politicians and elected representatives come to our mind when we think about the government? Why do we not remember the ministries, departments, government department officials and staff? The latter enjoy secure, stable jobs which come with pension, perks and benefits that others cannot dream about. They get so complacent in such paradise-like conditions, they forget their responsibility to us- the common people. There is a reason why they are called ‘ public servants’. But they have forgotten they are supposed to serve the public.
This no exempt to the politicians, let’s tackle some root issues first.
More over our politics is to expensive in Nigeria and attractive, let the civil service commission and labor champion the cause of drastically reducing the earnings of politicians, those representative in the national assembly should go back to their constiteuncy and dwell there but come quarterly to Abuja for meetings, let them stay with the people they claim to represent.
There’s a need for surgical operation, like you said starting from me, it’s national value system problem.

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