2018 has been a wonderful year for us in , Kings Family Worship Ministries

2018 has been a wonderful year for us in
Kings Family Worship Ministries… I want to thank God for people like you who believed in us and stood with us most importantly I thank all our friends, families, loved ones and all who took out time to attend our programs… We love you all and welcome you to 2019 our year of TAKING OVER.
I also want to thank specially our partners who believed in this vision and gave it all to keep us running.. and our guests who graced our programs… Words will fail me to mentions names but God bless you all and grant you the desires of your hearts to do more for the kingdom of God.
I also like to say a big thank you to my team members, you guys are too much thank you so much. without you there can never be me, thank you for your sacrifices and commitments to the growth of this vision… I pray for you all that in your own time God will raise men to stand by you. Amen
I also like to thank all the Pastor’s who took the risk to release their auditorium for us us to host our programs…thank you.
I also can’t end without saying a big thank you to my lovely wife for standing by me through it all.. You are a blessing to me and the ministry, God bless you and the oil on your head will never run dry.
2019 promises to be a wonderful year.
God bless you all.
Sam Adeniyi

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