Y’all play too much

Y’all play too much.
This is not even about the fact that these three stand little or no chance at victory, but this:
Nigerians really need to grow up.
We didn’t get here in four years.
Not even in thirty years.
We are a product of over fifty years of selfishness, propaganda, corruption, theft, embezzlement, lack of integrity and empathy, hatred for one another and every other thing we can think of.
We were told that democracy is the solution to a our woes. But it’s been twenty years. Twenty frigging years of continuous democratic governance and see where we are.
This should tell us something.
No, this is not just about those in government, but each and every one of us.
The masses do not even love themselves enough to demand for good governance.
Social movement leaders switch sides like wrappers.
I could go on but I’m tired of my tiredness.
I’ve been sleeping all day but I’m still tired.
So, I’ll say this for the sake of posterity.
Nigerians really need to stop hoping that any leadership can truly effect the change that we desire.
That a single man will come and right the wrongs of decades.
That a single woman will upturn the whole cabal and mafioso syndicate.
No, it doesn’t work that way.
It is this kind of unrealistic hope that has made a lot of you look older than you truly are.
It has turned some of you into embittered and broken people.
We need to stop this nonsense.
No one person can fix Nigeria, we all need to fix this.
It is a mess, our mess.
But where do we start from?
If he is willing, is she ready?
Heck I’m not even sure I am, because trust me, it is no child’s play. We’ve gone too deep.
So ask yourselves :
Are we actually ready for this change and improvement we clamour for?
I’m not working tonight, I’m just here waiting for NEPA ‘to bring light’ so that I can turn off my gen and not waste fuel.

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