Ngozi Vs Nkeiru, My dear sisters, if you are married to a husband who is a Philanderer please make an effort to first understand that you are…

Ngozi Vs Nkeiru
My dear sisters, if you are married to a husband who is a Philanderer please make an effort to first understand that you are married to a community penis and ensure you protect yourself from STDs and related diseases. There is absolutely no point fighting the other woman because she never took any vow with you. The person who promised to love you and stay faithful to you is your husband and so should be the one who owes you any damn explanations.
To that woman who is married to a community penis yet society is advising you to dress well for your husband, cook edi ka ikon for him, cook chicken summersault! Wear sekxy thong! Dress to kill, seduce him, pray and fast, make sure you watch war room..hmm my dear sister, don’t waste your time. Nothing changes a philanderer, that is his lifestyle and you are not the problem.
It doesn’t matter how well a wife has held her forte in a marriage relationship. To a community penis, Cheating is simply a lifestyle. I repeat, You are not the cause of his philandering. So don’t let anyone make you feel it’s your fault.
What I pray for women in marriage relationships is that they should become self aware, self preserved and very focused on life goals. They shouldn’t fail to play their role and keep a happy home if they decide to put up with such a man.
I will rather you worry about your career progression, your next levels, your health and your kids’ growths and other meaningful successes than to worry about men’s sexcapades and trivia.
Trust me, when you are focused enough on your goals. When you are focused enough to achieve God’s purpose for your life. When you are focused enough to create your own world such that can easily exclude any man, the men themselves know not to mess with your kind of woman.
A woman going to fight the side chic is a No No! It smacks so much of a woman who has too much free time on her hand. My sister you need to use your time well. You can’t be using your productive time to be engaging in unproductive activities like fighting a side chic.
In Ngozi I saw a woman who isn’t very self aware, has no self worth and lacked love and regard for herself and for womanhood. I sincerely wish she was a bit more self aware because if she was, she would have found more ingenious ways to handle that situation than such indecent display of an Mgbeke protesting to be a chic kind of roforofo.
My dear Ngozi since you love fighting side chics, with a husband like yours who is an obvious community penis, you may consider drafting a monthly timetable for fights with all his side chics.
Sample time table
Saturday Feb. 2nd – Warn Amaka
Sunday Feb 3rd – worship at HOR to track Uju to her house
Monday, Feb. 4th – fight Uju, tear her cloth, remove her wig
Tues, Feb. 5th – upload the video and tag Amaka letting her know she is next.
Some women are jobless and Extremely Stupid.


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