Have you bought your copy of ALTAR OF SIN?, Read this review from a fellow writer:, In Anita Elohor Duado ‘s words:, Just finished reading it and…

Have you bought your copy of ALTAR OF SIN?
Read this review from a fellow writer:
In Anita Elohor Duado ‘s words:
Just finished reading it and I loved every part of the journey. This is like the best e novel (The first e novel I’ve had to go through back to back though)I’ve seen my entire life. Gosh!!!!
Now,this isn’t a book you read just once and toss it to the side. It’s something you read over and over and over again. It’s educating,it’s captivating and it just so holds your attention.
One character I particularly loved was Adamma. I loved how she stood her grounds and said no to Barnabas. Mehn!That character caught my respect!! Another,was Eri.
You know,it’s hard,very hard to see people living with disabilities that are half as confident as she is. Her character truly inspired me and passed a couple of messages across as I read through.
What’s more,I had thought Eunice would forgive Barnabas and take him back,but she didn’t. A typical novel would give you the whole “taking him back” crap. But this unconventional novel didn’t and that’s one of the things that tripped me as I read through the last page.
In my own opinion,this e book needs to have a hard copy,then sent all around the word.
In addition,it should be made into a movie. I couldn’t help but see pictures as I read through.
Nice work ma. Well written as always.
You inspire me so greatly and I cherish the fact that we crossed paths.

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