About my last post

About my last post.
Here’s the thing.
You love your life.
It’s not perfect, (whose life is anyway?) but it’s ok, you’re ok.
You go about your daily life and you even pity those who seem not to have it together.
Remember the word pity, pity.
Pity in its core is condescending actually. It is a feeling you get when you feel you are better off than the next person for one reason or the other. It is not pride. It is just you thinking:
‘Awww, I feel so sorry for this person who is going through this, I’m thankful I’m not in her shoes at least. My life is not like that. Maybe I can help her out though.’
All in all, it has a hint of superiority to another person. For whatever reason.
Ok, good, we’ve established that.
So you go about thanking God that your lot is at least, better.
Don’t even pretend like you don’t understand what I’m saying, because you do.
We all feel this way at one point or the other and it takes you being true to yourself, being alive to your imperfection as a human being to truly realise the ‘wrongness’ of this feeling to work on yourself and get over yourself.
But when God/life is ready to humble you, he brings people, situations, etc along your way for you to see that your life is not so grand after all.
That your life that you believe is better than the other person’s is just basic at best.
Yes, I said it, basic. At. Best.
It is even sad or pitiable at worst.
Then you realise you’ve been a fool all along.
Living in a soapbox.
After you’ve learnt your lesson, you are humble.
You understand this complexity called life better.
Then you find that you are no longer capable of pity, but EMPATHY.
Then with the benefit of hindsight, you realise YOU HAVE SUFFERED!
All those times you thought you had it good, even till now???
You did not.
Then you realise that YOU DESERVE BETTER!
This post is not for everybody.
Only the discerning can understand this post.
Only those who take time to truly and truthfully reflect on their lives will get this.
And only those who have been humbled and broken down would have experienced this.
I have been through all three.
I am Àdùnní!

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