From Missi:, Brianna is having a great day

From Missi:
Brianna is having a great day. She drank 2- 4oz cups of apple juice and a 10 oz cup of water using a straw. She still won’t eat anything. She says it nasty hospital food! She stood in the stander at 60 degrees today for 10 min. She was not happy about it and was screaming it hurt. Her sodium is high again today so they are increasing that medication again. She had an X-ray of her left clavicle today (this was just routine). School is done for a week and then summer school starts. In speech she had to arrange 4 puzzle pieces in order to tell a story from start to finish. She is napping now on the couch in her room. (She wants to be normal and does not want to be zipped up in her posey bed).


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