From Missi:, Brianna had a great day

From Missi:
Brianna had a great day. She finally ate some fruit for lunch. She had speech and PT/OT today. Her left foot feels better but the right one still hurts and is now getting spasms in it, but at least it does feel warmer than a few days ago. She went on face book for the first time today and was shocked at all the friend requests she had. She again called people and snap chatted some. We went to the SICU to see some of the nurses that took care of her there and they took a picture for the wall. We will go again closer to discharge to do another picture. Brianna is starting to ask more and more questions about the accident and what all happened to her. It is very hard to explain it over and over but she is starting to retain some of the details. She is already doing the countdown to discharge and we are at 41 days.


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