Life’s about learning. And also unlearning.
With worship, we’ve always learnt that the job of the worship leader is to prepare the people to hear God’s word that the pastor or whoever he or she has designated has prepared.
Question; what if God does not want the pastor to say anything that day? And of course, I’m certain we’ve seen these kind of scenarios play out often in church when God’s presence becomes so manifest and it’s obvious the Holy Spirit has other plans.
As long as we don’t set aside this kind of mindset, worship teams will always unconsciously perceive themselves as subjugated and subservient and can lead to a perception of them being used to just create an ambience. And that will unconsciously limit them from being the best they can ever be.
The pastor is the head. Don’t get it twisted. But worship leaders and worship teams must come into the space of understanding that they are co-labourers. And pastors must bequeath that space and mid-wife such a relationship devoid of egos and one that causes the Spirit of God to just have His way.
As a worship pastor, I enjoyed this kind of relationship with my pastors, especially with pastor Femi Obaweya who was my pastor for the longest period of time. I was submissive. I carried him along. I was conscious not to spring surprises. But I NEVER led worship with the mind set that I was leading worship to make something happen for him. For a long time, I’ve always led worship with the intent of making God’s presence manifest. There was such a sync in ministry with him.
This kind of scenario can only happen if the worship leader/team is not using the church platform to push an agenda. And one more thing, worship leader/team, your role is not just a talent execution role. It’s more spiritual than that of expression of talent. You’re using your gifts, with eyes on your Maker whilst serving His creation with a shepherd’s heart.
Remember, the time of worship should be seen more as an opportunity more than being a requirement. When you have that mindset, possibilities are endless.
Let me stop here. Hope you find this useful. Tag someone you know should read this. Cheers!


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