I’m praying daily for God to heal our land

I’m praying daily for God to heal our land. For justice, righteousness and equity to roll down like mighty waters. That there be shouts of joy and that the wicked who impoverish the populace in Nigeria will perish unless they change their ways. For Him to have mercy on us. That He will intervene.
I’m not waiting till I get to church on Sunday before I pray. God has been looking for a man who will stand in the gap. I decided to help with His search efforts. I’ve made myself available. Sometimes I don’t pray long. Sometimes it’s just 5 minutes.
I encourage you to do this as well. A daily commitment to pray for this country. Watch and pray. Like Billy Graham said, pray with the bible in one hand and newspaper in the other. Then follow up with doing what is right and don’t circumvent God’s process.
When your pastor calls a prayer meeting for the nation, please attend. Pastors, pray more for the nation than for personal breakthroughs. Those breakthroughs are only assured as long as the nation is well.
Will you pray for #Nigeria?

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