MINISTRY NOT MARKETING , I was in a hurry to upload what seem like a significant feat

I was in a hurry to upload what seem like a significant feat. Just about a minute into uploading it, the Lord said to me, “Son, pull it down. You are into ministry and not marketing”.
One of the things about ministry is this: It must kill everything in you that wants a fleshy gratification. Things that others do and seem normal will be abnormal for you.
Think about it this way: Can God be using you to do great things like killing a lion and a bear with bare hands and you keep quiet?
You know you want to do a quick post and share with the world what God has done.
One of the pressure that you will need to overcome is that desire to show people that “something is going on in your life also”. The pressure is real friend.
You want to “loud it” and the Spirit of God kills your move. You stay lowkey. When Solomon was anointed, it was the people who blew the trumpet.
In ministry, you cannot be anointed and still be blowing your own trumpet.
Do not use packaging to replace the work of the Holy Spirit. Do not use stage lighting to replace the spot light of the kingdom. Do not use sound gadgets to replace the “sound of the Spirit”.
You will need to be patient. You will need to be humble. You will need to trust God’s dealing with you.
Do not become a slave to the pressure to impress and constantly put out a ‘praise report’, ‘testimony’ or charity work.
Let Him that sees what is done in secret reward you in the open. Check your heart! Check your motive!!
Peter told Simon the Sorcerer that, “You cannot be a partaker in this ministry because your heart is not right”.
Have the right heart and every other thing will align.
May you not be pressured out of God’s ordained process. Amen
Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa.


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