IF YOU SENSE THE CALL OF GOD 2, It took a while for me to learn this and I paid some huge prices for my ignorance as a young man called by God and…

It took a while for me to learn this and I paid some huge prices for my ignorance as a young man called by God and also in the early days of ministry.
When you begin to sense the call of God on your life, continue to give your best in service and honour at the Local Assembly where you are.
After Samuel heard the Lord, he laid down till morning. And in the morning, he still resumed at his duty post. Let the morning reveal by itself what God has spoken to you in the night.
After David was anointed to be king, he went back to taking care of his father’s few sheep and running errands.
If you begin to look down on your pastor and that ‘small church’ because you have a ‘big assignment’, kindly note that you are simply hurting yourself.
Do not serve with an intention to draw people’s heart to yourself and your vision- that is Absalomic. It is the spirit of the Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Reject it!
It is in building the vision of another that vital things you need for vision is delivered to you.
Do not be like Samson. Now that the hand of God is upon you, the words of those who birthed you does not seem to count again. It never ends well.
The Local Church where you spring forth is your Antioch. It gives credibility to your ministry because we can trace your family. It is the place of your nourishing and training.
A well trained child will not abandon his domestic chores in the family house because he wants to sweep the entire street. Charity begins at home!
Grace flows in families. You must be able to trace your spiritual family. God has not called to you to start what no one has never done.
The Lord will always point you in the direction of an Elizabeth- someone who carries the forerunner. Do not trample on them. That would not be wise.
I know you have been called but first settle down and get grafted into a family. Sons are a blessing. Loose canons are dangerous to the body!
Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

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