IF YOU SENSE THE CALL OF GOD 1, I drove my mum to a meeting in church that evening of April 2007

I drove my mum to a meeting in church that evening of April 2007. I parked our Nissan Primera under a tree and kept studying while I waited for her.
That was the beginning. The Lord told me 8 things about my life’s journey:
“I have called you as an Apostle to Youths to preach the message of redemption and not condemnation. I have called you to change lives, build lives and establish the kingdom of God without end…”
Dear friend, when you sense the prompt of God, do not start a debate and argument with God. Do not say things that makes it look like “God does not know what He is doing”.
You must learn to do what Eli told Samuel, “Speak Lord, your servant hears you”.
How do you do this in practical terms? Begin to take note of all the Lord is impressing on your heart. Document all He is saying to you. You will need it. It is a piece of the process.
I remember that when I was eventually ready to step into God’s call after my service year, I sent a document to my teachers showing my journey with God about the call from 2007 till 2011.
I had to send to aunts and uncles who loved me too much also to see me “suffer” in Eruwa. It became very helpful.
Do not be a lazy and non-challant disciple of God. Take note of His dealings with you.
Why do you think Jesus could find and declare that which was written of Him in the scriptures by Prophet Isaiah? He found it in the book because it was documented.
The things you hear and take note of will begin to shape your conviction as God works gently on you. It becomes your prayer points as you go through His training!
Do not joke with documenting the dealings of God- inner witness, encounters, dreams, visions!
That unique evening of April has become a day I now constantly return to God to reflect and pray about the 8 things He told me.
God loves details. Remember we have the book of Numbers. Do not take it lightly.
Be His Samuel. Tell Him to speak. Take note. Do not shut the flow.
Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

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