Many women are going through a lot of stress lately

Many women are going through a lot of stress lately. You can see it all over their faces. From cooking to cleaning, taking care of the children and husband, work, business, Ministry etc Research has shown that one major cause of cancer in women is STRESS.
Last week I entered a posh restaurant and all d customers were men. Not even a single woman. Each man heaped food with croaker fish, chicken and a bottle of hero and Eva water. I went to market d next day and saw business women with big shops taking puff-puff with a bottle of 7up and pure water. She’s trying to economize and save money for family dinner. Its good o but once in a while take urself out. Eating croaker will not kill u too. In fact it’s healthy for u but that coke is killing u slowly.
To everyone woman??‍♀ out there, take some time off, have a ME time, pamper yourself, go for massage, pedicure, make that hair to your taste
Honey, spoil yourself, have fun, take exercises , go for things that make you happy rather than boredom.
Travel ? to places, see new environment, meet new people. It doesn’t have to be overseas if you don’t have the resources yet, there are responsibilities to take care of. Simply go elsewhere to feel good and refreshed don’t try to impress nobody but yourself
Close your ears to sad stories of cheap and unprofitable ? gossips.
Visit your doctor??‍⚕ and do the needful
Relax and rejuvenate.
Surround yourself with people that impart your life?‍❤‍? positively
You have only one life to live.
Tag any woman that needs this.
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