Elrufai rode unto power with a wide spread agenda to make Kaduna great again

Elrufai rode unto power with a wide spread agenda to make Kaduna great again.
Today, neither him nor his blind supporters are reporting if Kaduna is great again as earlier promised. The phrase ‘let’s make Kaduna great again’ has suddenly become alien to them.
They squandered two batches of international monetary refunds designated for the payment of salaries, arrears and other outstanding liabilities amounting billions of Naira in the guise of institutional reforms but what is obtainable today are institutional deforms.
They sold government houses amounting to trillions of Naira to cronies thereby rendering the occupants homeless without building a single lodge neither informing the public what they did with the money.
They claimed to have inherited ghost workers that were captured in the recurrent expenditure of the state’s budget, sacked them without pay and looted the difference realised from the budget.
They claimed to have tripled the IGR of the state yet have nothing developmental to show. Facilities, utilities and services within the state are in their worst, potholes to say the least are as many as the number of cars plying the roads.
They destroyed the entire traditional institutions of the state without respect to the Constitution and rule of law thereby subjecting the populace to a dangerous state of disunity. They have over time paid huge sums to international terrorists to aid unprovoked​ attack on the citizenry.
They have killed uncountable innocent souls notably the Shi’a and have unjustly incarcerated a large number of perceived oppositions with many languishing in jail while others lost their livelihood.
They squandered every grants meant for the well being of the generality of the people notably the Bill Gates grant meant for the control of infectious diseases by building drainage across the state metropolis.
They squandered monies allocated for high profile projects like the Zaria water project without completion yet shamelessly proceeded to lunch same to the admiration of international donors.
They sacked workers and still sacking without any form of disengagement benefits. Records still show they share the salaries of the affected workers to date while issuing an unending promise to recruit replacements of the sacked.
They have squandered almost all the financial resources of the state not leaving designated funds like the ecological fund, state scholarship fund meant for students which has over the past 3 years not been paid.
They have… They have completely milked the state to the extent of being incapable to meet mundane demands of governance.
Now they are all over the electorates saying next level. Next level dia fada! Mek them shift for rescuer joor! #elrufai #failure everywhere.

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