All these delusional wives and girlfriends this is for you

All these delusional wives and girlfriends this is for you… ?
If am your man side chick, which I can never be.
and you come to me with these useless lines of “leave my man alone”
I promise you with everything in won’t see that man until am done with using him as i want…..
if your man is cheating on you with anybody, fight your man if you have the gut and leave the girls alone.
Beat him if you can, treat his fuck up as you want but leave those girls out.
Men don’t go about fighting other men sleeping with their women…they treats their women fuck up directly. .you people should borrow some sense to your brain
Stop tearing your pants upanda…
If your dog misbehaves chain the dog don’t go and be attacking the victim…
What will you gain, if after fighting the girl, your man will still go back to the same girl and both of them will use you and gossip.
Your man owns you respect and loyalty
He is the one that vowed before God and man to respect and protect you…not a random stranger you don’t know.
A man that put you in the position to fight for him is not the right man.
None of those girls asks your husband and boyfriends to ask them out…
And if you feel you are not getting desired respect and you can’t stand it, your dog is not ready to amend, take a walk…
Oge Patrick Nsimah


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