Akinwumi Ambode lost his party’s return ticket and the man didn’t try to bring the house down

Akinwumi Ambode lost his party’s return ticket and the man didn’t try to bring the house down. We have to be reminded that it is not as if the man sponsored a Candidate and the Candidate lost. It’s the man himself, a sitting Executive Governor that lost his party’s return ticket! He didn’t order his boys to destroy Sanwo-olu’s posters or campaign boards nor disparage his party and its leaders at any gathering known to the public.
On the contrary, Amosun is holding his party’s Senatorial ticket yet has put all his political machinery behind an APM man. He asked his choice of Candidate to leave APC, his party for APM. He went back to Obasanjo, the Forgiver of Atiku with the hope that they can together rob Osinbajo of APC’s victory in the Vice President’s home because Amosun’s man lost in the party.
He took his animosity to another level when he supervised his thugs not only to disgrace the President in Abeokuta yesterday but to also destroy Abiodun’s campaign boards. When I commended Ambode, I knew what I was doing because I knew that as an incumbent Governor, if he decides to be irresponsible, he could do a lot of damage.
In all of this, I think it’ll take a while for politicians to know that there is something called Party Supremacy.
Abiodun will win and Amosun will need him in his future political endeavours. It is then that he’ll realise the extent of the damage he has done to himself. It is on record that anyone who give agents of darkness anything to feast on has ended up regretting his actions and Gov. Ibikunle Amosun won’t be an exception.
I rise.

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