The systematic disintegration of Kaduna State propelled by the continuous migration of her residents in a visibly religious pattern, which has long…

The systematic disintegration of Kaduna State propelled by the continuous migration of her residents in a visibly religious pattern, which has long been attributed to needless intolerance, can not be expressly overruled in any political equation of the known sensitive State.
Though there is no contest of the fact that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which is the apex document establishing the rules in the administration of the whole country (Kaduna inclusive) has guaranteed the right of every qualified citizen to govern Nigeria, Kaduna and any part of the Country irrespective of religious/ethnic affiliation or dominance, it however, envisages inclusiveness.
There is also no wrong in the universal say that ‘democracy is a game of numbers’ neither is there any in the say that ‘politics is a game of interest’ but these sayings can not be practically effective in the absence of joining factors like fairness, justice and equity.
Consequently, we gather in a democracy and engage in politics not least to ‘number(s) and interest(s)’ but to project fairness, justice and equity for a peaceful and united society that we will jointly and proudly call our own. As such, the need to work together in all leadership positions, for the betterment of all, irrespective of numbers, interests and any other divisive differences such as religion is primary to our coexistence.
Fortunately or unfortunately, democratic practices especially in the northern parts of the country are increasingly in conflict with the Constitution that seeks to unite all irrespective of any difference(s). This is evident by the incessant political use of religious/ethnic differences notably by some irresponsible Northern Governors to polarise, rather than unite the populace, for obvious selfish political gains. This is unconstitutional and morally wrong and must be rejected by all.
That the Constitution recognizes every Nigerian as a bonafide citizen, irrespective of religious/ethnic affiliation(s), is a direct pointer to the fact that it envisages a harmonious and united Nigeria where an all inclusive/participatory democracy will be practiced in all fairness, justice and equity.
We must as a people beware of selfish politicians cum religious/ethnic bigots who can only divide us, consequences of which would be pleasant to their selfish interest(s) and unpleasant to the generality of Nigerians, but can not unite us. We should realise that these set of selfish politicians can not strip our citizenships as enshrined in the Constitution as such, we must pause and ask ourselves ‘who benefits from the outcome of politics of religion?’ ‘Who suffers from the outcome of division cum crisis?’ Then and only then will we realise the need to brave up and exercise our independent rights to collectively say NO to these political agents of division and destruction.
Happy weekend and God bless!


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