✅ “Behold, I have received a command to bless; He has blessed, and I cannot reverse it

✅ “Behold, I have received a command to bless; He has blessed, and I cannot reverse it.” Numbers 23:20
✔ Every destiny is packaged and released for signs and wonders by the power of prophetic words, Jesus said “the word that I speak to you are spirits and they are life…” Every destiny you see today is shaped by the power of words whether they are good words or negative words. The Bible says the power of life and dead is in the tongue. Every day when you wake up there are voices fighting against your destiny without your knowledge and You cannot enjoy a balanced destiny without a prophetic word that is higher than your enemies voice, It was a prophetic word from the womb of the spirit that propelled Jesus from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. God will always use prophetic words to shape and guide your destiny into fruition. Balak knew the power of prophetic enchantment that was why he hired Balam to come and curse Israel, the devil knows the voice of your liberation so he will fight against you coming in contact with the word that will change your life. Prophetic words are like rain drops that water your destiny for a brighter fruitful future, the more they fall on you the more you enjoy an accelerated destiny, You cannot be under a powerful prophetic oracle and miss your place in life, You cannot be connected to a heavenly voice and miss your place on earth, You cannot be connected to a heavenly mandate and not enjoy divine security and preservation. Every spiritual madness is handled by the power of divine prophetic words, Saul was mad but it was the prophetic song of David that could drive out the evil spirits in him, Eli spoke one prophetic word and Hannah took in “May God answer your petition” and Hannah said amen, Elisha spoke one prophetic word to the rich woman and it terminated years of barrenness “by this time next year you will have a son” and that one word opened her womb. The more you celebrate prophetic words and instructions the more you will enjoy the liberty of the spirit, You are not suffering because satan is powerful you are suffering because you have taken your prophetic mantle for granted. Every prophet in your life has a womb and that womb carries living words and those words are the powerful forces for the liberation of your destiny, In the Old Testament Moses had a rod and with that rod he did signs and wonders and led the children of Israel into the promised land, in the New Testament the rod of every prophet is the Word, the more you sit under those prophetic words the more you enjoy kingdom navigation. By prophetic mandate this morning I curse and uproot every evil seed planted to humiliate your destiny in Jesus mighty name. Good morning and welcome to another blessed day, Jesus loves you dearly, I celebrate you. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!
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