So for the umpteenth time Northern Elders, Ohaneze, bla bla bla have adopted Buhari’s opposition

So for the umpteenth time Northern Elders, Ohaneze, bla bla bla have adopted Buhari’s opposition. Everytime including the last election, these groups have endorsed anyone that is running against Buhari but as God will have it, Buhari became triumphant against not only them but the other pseudo groups who think that governance is all about ‘come and chop’.
While group endorsement is welcome in any politicking, such has not proved to be a determined force to reckon with in order to win election otherwise the great TAN (if people can even remember them now) would have won the 2015 election for Jonathan bearing in mind it’s wider outreach vis-a-vis the humongous amount of money channelled to them by the then president to work for his return at the polls.
The recent endorsement of Buhari by the Izala group also shows that people now believe to cast vote to whom they like irrespective of the endorsement of the group which they belong to.
However, one thing is certain, and that is that a greater majority of the leadership of most groups hardly endorse a candidate based on what they think he has to offer in solving societal problems but how they believe he can channel government funds to them for their personal benefits.
So I strongly believe that what TAN has failed to achieve during the Jonathan days together with the other groups can not be achieved now when the influence and other monetary inducement are missing.
Such endorsement only serve to polarise the groups and their members as we have seen earlier where a faction always arise. The Ohaneze is a recent example to quote.
Group endorsement or not, the voting populace are the ones to cast their votes and a greater majority already knew where and for whom to do so. Time will soon tell.


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