Nigeria is a country full of mad leaders

Nigeria is a country full of mad leaders. Leaders who don’t know their right from their left.
A country that pays for darkness instead of light. A country that budgets less for education and health care but gives premium for entertainment and medical tourism abroad.
A country whose senior citizens are treated like pupils and totally despised. Heartless leaders who prefer sending their own children abroad for quality education than to leave them in Nigeria where everything has been reduced to nothing. And there are people who die for them in the form of thuggery, kidnapping opponents and intimidating the less privileged through their useless and obsolete leadership.
This type of leaders, we must try to sweep away from the face of the earth.
This set of people don’t deserve our votes or our praises any longer.
Priests and pastors must declare war on them, because they have refused to repent and do the needful.
And I cannot wait to crush them with my blunt pen!


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