Prophesy 2019, 1)

Prophesy 2019
1). Some people will fuck around and claim they wanna kill themselves just to get sympathy and panhandle from strangers.
2). Girls will “jokingly” put up account numbers as their status and foolish broke boys will send them their last 5k hoping to score. The foolishness will continue in 2019
3). Niggaz will hate other people for nothing more than that they decided to mind their business.
4). Inbox gossips shall fly around and it shall be carried mostly by people who always like your posts.
5). A nigga with bad breath will want to whisper to you and a bitch with smelly P will go to rant hq to talk about niggaz not giving head.
6). Foonaya will continue being a place where sexual partners are rotated and everyone is accusing everyone of doing what they just finished doing.
7). A couple of girls will fall pregnant. The problem however will be that they won’t be Linda so they won’t trend
8.). Atiku will be President this year
9). There shall be crisis but nigeria will come out stronger for it
10). I still won’t give a damn about your feelings


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