This. Spray. Is. Awesome.
One of the side effects of my depression/anxiety medication is insomnia. To help the insomnia, I was prescribed ANOTHER prescription medication as needed to help me with sleep!
If I even take half of one, I can hardly wake up on time the next morning and it makes me feel groggy for half the day.
Over the weekend, I decided to try this new Q Sleep spray!
G U Y S! OMG!! It helped me fall asleep within about 20 minutes and I stayed asleep (without having nightmares my prescriptions cause)!
When I woke up, I felt refreshed and ready to go! I was even in an AWESOME mood and I am NOT a morning person…not even a little bit!?
This spray is such a lifesaver for me and I am taking even less prescription medication now!
Because of Q Sciences vitamins and hemp oil, I’ve been able to decrease my depression/anxiety medication by 10 mg AND now I don’t have to take my prescription for sleep!!
(Note: This has been 100% approved by my doctor!)
I love that it’s completely AFFORDABLE and ALL natural!!!??????
#SOLD #HadMeAtGoodnight #QSleep #FavoriteFind #AllNatural #NightyNight #LoveIt


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