I have now been taking Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for about 5 weeks now and let me tell ya

I have now been taking Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for about 5 weeks now and let me tell ya…it has absolutely been an answered prayer for me!!!
About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder/panic disorder. I was put on prescription medication that alleviated some of my symptoms, but during high stress times, my anxiety was still overwhelming!! I was overreactive and it showed up in the form of moody, cranky, impatient, irritability…not to mention the side effects I got from the prescribed medication.
Low energy, weight gain, exhaustion, joint pain, headaches and so on!
My anxiety is gone!
I don’t feel like I’m on edge anymore!
I’m more patient!
My headaches are GONE!
I have more energy!
I feel happier!
My joint pain is GONE!
I no longer stress eat!
I’m even sleeping better!
Hemp oil has made such a difference in my life and SOOO many others who are going through the same things I am!
I feel more stable, emotionally AND mentally than I have since the diagnosis rocked my world!
During my last med check with my dr, she was all smiles and incredibly impressed with my results so far!!! She 100% approved of me taking hemp oil because there are ZERO SIDE EFFECTS!!! She also told me she’s a firm believer in being on as little medication as possible! That being said She told me to decrease my medication by 10 mg to see how I feel!
So here I am!!! Taking less medication and feeling as close to “normal” as I can remember being!!!???
This is truly life changing for me!!!
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