NJC’s meeting has ended

NJC’s meeting has ended.
Poor NJC.
Some had expected it to come out spitting fire.
But it has gone about its business with bowed head and the broken spirit of a man whose wives have gone on an adultery spree. And made him a celebrated cuckold.
People thought the NJC will yell today.
But the NJC knows that its pride was wasted when it stood akimbo while its honour was being defiled.
The NJC has chosen quiet housekeeping.
The Chief justice of Nigeria has 7 days to explain an adulterous relationship with dollars and pounds.
The Acting Chief Justice’s heart has no room for espirit de corps. The NJC is disappointed . And has given the acting CJN to explain the liaison with the spirit of Jacob.
The CCT Chairman has been handed to an uncle , National judicial service commission, to find out how the spirit of Judas entered his soul.
The NJC knows that a stitch in time could have saved ninety now. But the NJC dithered and dithered.
Poor NJC.
Dr. Ugo Egbujo

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