Kadaria Ahmed is something else, Q:You claim to create jobs and lift pple out of poverty

Kadaria Ahmed is something else
Q:You claim to create jobs and lift pple out of poverty.Yet, Adamawa state is 26th poorest pple in Nigeria.
ATIKU: Things have changed now with my investments
Q: What has changed? Adamawa moved from 28 to 26 spot on poverty scale in twenty years, despite having you as a VP for 8 years and a so called investor.
ATIKU: At least it has changed a little. Just me did that in 20years.
Q: Just 1 point in 20years?
Atiku: I lifted 45,000 people out of poverty in Adamawa State
Narrator: Yet, Adamawa remains one of the poorest states in the country. If your home-state hasn’t seen a change with you being a VP in 8 years, why should they believe it can be different now?
#NGTheCandidates ?????

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