I ran into a congregation of the Atikulated today

I ran into a congregation of the Atikulated today.
They were venting their spleens and curses on Kadaria Ahmed.
I stood and savoured their grief.
One fat woman started.
“Yeye girl . Suicide bomber! Stupid Kardashian. No respect for elders. Her mouth like battery operated doll baby. How can ? She started with corruption? Why not job creation! She asked her papa to define corruption. APC slave!”
Then a lean one with a huge Bible jumped in
” It’s the sign of the end times. Small girl rebuking elders as if she is in a nursery school. She has sold her conscience. She said she studied Atiku. Can you imagine. She went to do research on Intels. Imagine that girl. That is why she is not married. She wants to promote the rule of the Antichrist. I bind her in Jesus name. May God forgive her”
Then a third took the baton and startedby canceling the prayer.
” God will punish her. Every where she goes to write exams she will meet hard hard questions in Jesus name. If she goes for a job interview may they ask her questions she cant answer . How can she ask Atiku what he will do with the Shiites issue. She was setting him up “
“That was a banana peel Olorun” shouted a fourth woman.And shook her head violently
” that girl is a real ‘werre’. She must have been sent. I pray this thing will not spoil this thing for PDP oo. Hmmmm. She asked him how he plans to stop the Fulani herdsmen. The man said it’s in the policy document but the girl refused.
She then asked “do you have a plan or are you thinking of a plan”.
See dangerous okro questions oo.
That was why the man started stammering about feeding lots and enlightenment campaign. Enlightenment campaign ke? When the people carry AK 47 about?”
” But the girl fine oooh” chimed in yet another
The fat women retorted :
“you no know say devil dey fine? You no see her eyes as e dey sparkle like mammy water own?
The woman with the bible returned:
“That girl is a confirmed Ogbanje.
Nothing moves her. She told Obi to please be serious that she didnt come to play. And told the audience that their groaning will not soften her.
What kind of a woman is that?
She wanted to see Atiku cry. Whatever a woman sows that she shall surely reap. She has sown mercilesness. She will surely reap whirlwind “…….
“She is a hired Assassin!”
“Why did they even accept her. She is El rufai”
“Short but dangerous breed”
I had heard enough.
I stepped aside. And muttered my own:
“Every evil prayer or incantation against Kadari Ahmed holy ghost fire!”
Dr. Ugo Egbujo

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