Fiona Onasanya, a UK Labour MP (Member of Parliament) has been jailed three months for LYING about a Speeding TICKET

Fiona Onasanya, a UK Labour MP (Member of Parliament) has been jailed three months for LYING about a Speeding TICKET.
MP is the Nigerian equivalent of Senator and House of Reps joined together.
We don’t have Speeding Ticket in Nigeria, but it’s like Federal Road Safety accusing Dino Melaye of jumping off his speeding Ferrari and he falsely denying it. (Or something like tht sha)
For Merely lying about a Speeding Ticket she received,
The Legislator has gone to jail and her political career ruined.
She contested the issued ticket and it is stated clearly on the ticket that if you lie when you contest it, it is Perjury and thus a criminal offence.
I deliberately used the word “Merely lying” above.
There is nothing like Merely, when you are lying to constituted authority.
Lying is lying.
Not like me lying to Mòmó Fela o.
I mean lying under oath, or caution.
Lying under oath or caution is forbidden;
Na big offence.
Jonathan Aitkens, a fledging British Government Minister, was jailed for two and a half years in the 90’s for lying under oath.
Jeffrey Archer, the celebrated Author and Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, was jailed four and a half years for lying under oath.
Putting your signature to an affidavit is an oath.
If the information on that affidavit document is false, that is Perjury and a criminal offence.
In Nigeria, you will see a typist in rubber slippers typing Affidavits in front of Magistrate and High Courts.
Who buys these Oluwole generated Affidavits?
The same Lawyers who are on strike because the CJN Lied on a sworn oath document.
The other day, I bought dundu and akara on a discarded Sworn Affidavit document;
That shows how seriously Sworn Affidavits are regarded in Nigeria.
Even if a political office holder carries the Central Bank building on his head like a puff puff seller, as long as he has a Sworn Affidavit document to wit,
Nothing go śele.
Finally, isn’t it equally telling that the jailed MP has Onasanya as her surname?
The ting dey awa body!
As the saying goes, “If you lie, you will steal”
If you steal, your podium wee collapse like that PDP podium in Keffi…..
Mazi Abe Idris


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