Executive order No 7 has come at the right time

Executive order No 7 has come at the right time.
Igbos must now rise. And do that which they have done in the past without being repaid.
I have focused on Igbo land because of the history of marginalization.
I wont name names.
But I know companies owned by Igbos that can come together and do Owerri ABA 6 lanes concrete and the cost will be taken from their taxes.
Tax evasion will come to an end soon
Dangote and Lafarge are concentrating on their areas of operation. But nothing stops a company from being sentimental
So why not begin to plough your tax into developing infrastructure where your heart is.
Onitsha to Enugu needs to go concrete. Onitsha to owerri needs to go concrete. Enugu Portharcourt needs to go concrete.
Let Ohaneze leave partisan politics and call a village meeting.
Executive order No 7 offers something to those who want restructuring. It enables stakeholders to take on infrastructural projects in their preferred areas and the cost will be borne by govt ultimately.
Ugo Egbujo

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