Different realities, I met two different men in the past two weeks at home affairs

Different realities
I met two different men in the past two weeks at home affairs. One said if I was getting a passport to travel to Zimbabwe he wasn’t going to help me but was to transfer me to another person as it wasn’t his department. After I told him I was getting the passport to travel to the US and beyond. He couldn’t believe it. He asked me about my background and family and was shocked. He was looking at my past and made his conclusions.
The other was interesting. When I told him that I was on a mission to transform the leadership landscape of the entire world he was happy for me. When I told him of my transformation vision for Africa he wished me all the best and prayed a blessing over me.
Both this men where black but one was limited by what he thought was possible and what he was conditioned to think was impossible. It is your mental attitude that will always make you small among kings. You are a prisoner of the way you have been conditioned to think and the limitations you have accepted for your life.

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