August 2017 here I was at the doctor’s office and he looked me straight in the face saying: ‘ain’t you scared you might never have a child’? I told…

August 2017 here I was at the doctor’s office and he looked me straight in the face saying: ‘ain’t you scared you might never have a child’? I told him an instant NO and smiled. He looked at me again with a serious look and asked me why I was smiling considering the report of the tests he was LOOKING at. The next thing he wrote on a piece of paper and said he will have to treat me for infertility. I was astounded. He said my fallopian tubes were blocked and there was a slim chance of me getting pregnant naturally. Prior to this time I had battled all sorts of ailments and been to the hospital back to back. I’ve used several drugs and run several tests and by this time I was already tired. I took the piece of paper and went to meet the nurse that I was directed to. She had this worried look on her face and immediately she asked me if I was infertile and I also told her NO. She wrote the costs of all the fertility procedure and I left the hospital. In the car I became a bit overwhelmed wondering why I had to battle all these for a child. My hubby was consoling and telling me all will be fine but I kept fighting back the tears. At this point the Holyspirit spoke to me and told me that from now till it’s confirmed I’m pregnant I mustn’t visit the hospital for any tests or consultation again. Now that sounded extreme cause everyone I met kept telling me to see the doctor cause I wasn’t ovulating and some times I would spot and haemorrhage. As I walked into my pastor’s office Pastor Nuel Manufor and narrated all that happened to him. He looked at me and asked me one question: Do you want to ovulate or you want to get pregnant? I answered that I want to get pregnant and he prayed with me and assured me with the word that God doesn’t need everything functioning right to perform his miracle. I was encouraged and from that day I took out scriptures that assured me of supernatural conception, read the book supernatural childbirth back to back and took the confessions judiciously. My mentor Pastor Mildred was a shoulder to lean on all through that period as she kept encouraging me every step of the way and assuring me of the word I had received from God. After a while I took my mind off trying to get pregnant to calling myself a joyful mother of children. I knew without a shadow of doubt that I will carry my children and today what doctors said couldn’t happen naturally has happened. When I got pregnant I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was several weeks gone. I got pregnant without seeing my period, with blocked fallopian tubes, with a cyst, without fertility drugs and without ovulation. Is there anything too hard for God? NONE. Now I’m carrying my miracle baby. God is indeed good and this is to encourage someone out there that THE WORD WORKS ALL THE TIME. Whose report do we believe?, we believe the report of the Lord.
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