Career coaching, One client of mine asked to meet with me one day

Career coaching
One client of mine asked to meet with me one day. He was at university studying a course that he hated. Studying a degree and following a career path that he hated but did it to please his parents. He was so miserable and he hated every moment of it. He called me because he was thinking of committing suicide since nothing he ever did was enough to please his parents.
We began working together and the next year he dropped out of the miserable career he was pursuing and he enrolled for his true passion and purpose that I helped him discover. One night I get a call from his family. They tell me that he had past on. But they thanked me for the work we did together. They told me that his last few years were truly remarkable and amazing. His life was never like it was before. He had lived his life with passion and purpose. May his soul Rest In Peace ????.
You too can live a life of passion and purpose. Don’t live your life in misery and regret. Inbox me or WhatsApp (071 639 7807) me for your coaching experience.


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